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Gwynne McGraw
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Marriage Counseling Counselor Stress Anger Management Kansas City

Gwynne Thomas MA, LPC

 Counselor - Kansas City

Gwynne McGraw M.A.,  LPC Therapist Kansas City Therapist

Counseling Services for Kansas City

Life is about living and thriving-     

             not merely surviving!

If you feel like you are simply surviving, then it is time to make a change.  

There are a variety of reasons that motivate people to seek a counselor.  It can be for personal concerns or relationship issues.  Some seek counseling to learn skills that will help with communication, anger management, or how to better handle stress. 

As a counselor, I work with individuals and couples to address the issues causing difficulty in daily life.  Individuals may seek assistance to address depression, anxiety, self esteem, or grief.  A marriage counselor may be sought to improve communication, stop repetitive and unproductive arguing, or focus on family concerns.  

Whether it is for an individual or a couple; each person and situation is unique and a 'one size fits all' approach does not work. I tailor my therapeutic approach to what will best meet your objectives. 

I believe in providing prompt service; you should not have to wait for a counseling appointment.  My office provides a relaxed, friendly, and confidential setting in which we will work together to address your concerns and meet your goals.   


Call today and we can set your appointment. 





Gwynne Thomas    Counselor   Kansas City



Individual counseling is a private one-on-one session between a therapist and their client. 

Marriage counseling takes place with the marriage counselor and both parties at the same time. 

I will only serve in one of these roles; I will not be your individual  and your marriage counselor.